President’s Message

YOU are IT!!

Did you know that NCLGISA is over 40 years old? Yes, over 40 years of greatness. Over 40 years of intelligent IT professionals sharing ideas, information and techniques. Over 40 years of technology changes and here we are…YOU ARE NOW IT! I look forward to another year of new ideas, new faces, new challenges and new solutions. There are so many things going on in every shop and we may never be able to discuss it all, but why not try? Why not try to help your fellow local government agency with a solution they have been working on for years or recommend a solution that could possibly save them hundreds or thousands of dollars?

Our by-laws state that NCLGISA is committed to providing a forum for the exchanging of information and “that, we will do”. We hope that in the coming year, we can be even more collaborative, open-minded and creative. The leadership team is focusing more on fostering an environment which provides more opportunities for sharing, collaborating and exchanging of ideas.

To our new members, welcome! Feel free to speak up, ask questions and join in on conversations. This is what we are all about. If you have any general questions, thoughts, issues, concerns, ideas or inquiries, let one of the board members know and we will be sure to address it appropriately and in a timely manner.

I hope that you all can see and feel my passion for serving you because YOU ARE IT!!

Felina Harris, President
North Carolina Local Government Information Systems Association