President’s Message

Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary People

There is little doubt that we are going through extraordinary times in the United States and in North Carolina. During the first decade of this century, we have seen unprecedented job loss and unemployment. We have seen a record number of home foreclosures. We have watched as huge financial institutions went broke or had to have assistance from the federal government. We have struggled to provide services to citizens who need them more than ever while we faced the biggest revenue reductions in recent times. We have reviewed, redesigned, and patched our systems to get the last bit of use from them.

At the same time, there has been unprecedented change in technology.  We have moved to cloud computing, virtual machines, access to information from anywhere, anytime. Social networks are allowing people to communicate as they have never been able to before.  It seems hard to image that the iPhone is only four years old when we think about today’s smartphone technology and dream about tomorrow’s.

And while bad economic times are in the news everyday and technology is changing at an incredible rate, this is a very exciting time. Web 2.0 and 3.0 technologies allow us to communicate with our citizens on a more personal basis than ever before. Smart devices allow them access and provide unlimited possibilities for government to provide services that are unbounded by walls, time, and location. Old processes, procedures, and funding models are giving way to almost instantaneously changing delivery of services.

Yes, these are extraordinary times and undeniably challenging times. But meeting these challenges head-on are some extraordinary people.  NCLGISA is made up of people that have been asked to do what was considered impossible and have succeeded; of people who challenged the status quo and won; of people who were asked to do more with less and delivered huge returns; of people who were asked to help their peers and never thought about saying no. The power and strength of NCLGISA is not in any budget, any technology or any one person.  The power of NCLGISA is the willingness of its members to accept the challenges of today’s world and realize that they are never facing these challenges alone.

Welcome to the NCLGISA site and to our new members!  Realize that you are joining an extraordinary group of people who want you to succeed in all your endeavors and will support you every step of the way!