NCLGISA IT Strike Team

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The IT Strike Team is a group of NCLGISA members that volunteer their time and talents to help out in times of need.  The Strike Team has partnered with NC Emergency Management to provide IT support where needed in times of disaster but is also available to any NCLGISA member who needs more resources to address emergency issues.The IT Strike team management and deployment is divided into three regions.

Eastern Region
Team Leader: Chris Koltyk
Email: ckoltyk (at)
Phone: (o) 910-938-5297 (c) 910-603-7648

Central Region
Team Leader: Scott Clark
Email: sclark (at)
Phone: 919-279-5112

Western Region
Team Leader: Randy Cress
Email: randy.cress (at)
Phone: 704-245-8640

Strike Team Map

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Being prepared to handle the complexities of a multi agency emergency response is critical to ensure efficient and safe operations. FEMA has worked nationwide with agencies, emergency response and aid organizations, and volunteers to develop an operational and command structure for event response. As a NCLGISA Strike Team member, understanding how to work within the structure of an event is critical to your safety, the safety of your fellow team members, the emergency responders, and the safety of the public affected by the event. No role in an emergency response is too small or unimportant; therefore, it is critical that as a team we all understand the critical function we can play in supporting the operation efficiently and safely. CLICK HERE for detailed training information!